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Healing with Purpose

Understand, Evolve, Heal

About Kaye

Kaye Cassidy has been a loving and compassionate practitioner in the healing arts for over 35 years. Her journey of awakening as a Psychic and Shaman began with an initiation on the Sacred Pyramids of Mexico.

For many years, she followed the ceremonial ways of the Lakota people. Her beloved teacher, Phil Crazy Bull, led ceremonies and vision quests opening her gifts of healing and connection to spirit on a deeper level.

Her path then led her to Ecuador, where she was recognized as a Shaman by the Tamayo family, Indigenous Caras Shamans and was welcomed into their home to live and be initiated into their ancient tradition of shamanic healing ceremonies.

She has worked in many places in America as well as Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, and the Bahamas. Kaye feels very honored to be able to share these gifts with others.


Sacred Mt. Mojanda, Ecuador

Initiation site of the Indigenous Caras Shamans

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