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What People Say about Healing Sessions with Kaye

Donna, Vermont

Kaye has changed my life by sharing her gift for intuitive understanding and healing with me. With a combination of vulnerability and compassion, she was able to genuinely connect with me in a transformative way. Her humanity is a testament to her commitment of service to those who are ready for healing and a more positive life journey.

Kim Friedman

Every healing session with Kaye is a gift. She generously and sensitively shares her deep and genuine connection to Spirit with her clients. She is able to provide insight and recommendations from a higher realm on a wide variety of clients' questions and concerns, and she uses her knowledge, experience, and innate abilities to heal her client's body, heart, and spirit. If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life or seek a deeper understanding of who you are meant to be in this life, I highly recommend a session with Kaye!

Danielle Bowen

I decided to reconnect with Kaye through a naturopath who had never seen a case like mine. I had been suffering with what felt like impossible digestive issues for almost two months. There were moments I thought I would die. I tried everything I could think of only to find myself weaker than ever and with no solution. Kaye did a healing ceremony on me and not only was there newfound clarity on my next healing steps, but I was able to eat for the first time in two months without pain! Since the healing ceremony, many doors opened to me to continue healing on the deepest levels. I would say it is twice now that I would credit Kaye for saving my life.

Kat, North Carolina

The distant healing and reading addressed all of my questions, some before I could even ask. Since then I have been making some suggested changes in my health and have been feeling much better. My relationships have improved as well. I am grateful for Kaye's willingness to use her Spirit-led gifts for the good of all.

JW, Ireland

I didn't really believe in this stuff, but was referred to Kaye by someone I trusted. The outcome was that the depression I had suffered from for many years seemed to just be lifted. The feeling has still remained years later.

Mary, Bahamas

After my husband died suddenly, I was at a terrible loss. The messages Kaye was able to bring to me were extraordinarily helpful. I felt less afraid, comforted; able to find peace in my troubled soul once again. She was able to bring such helpful understanding and clarity, through her connection to spirit. I am ever grateful!

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